What Did I Find Out When Moving?

Hobart here we come!!! Moving is definitely not as easy as I thought it’ll be, in fact moving is tough and there is more to it than just packing and relocating to your desired destination.  There is so much organization to do and your head does spin a hundred times faster than it should.  I’m normally quite good at getting myself organized but there is simply so much to think about and so much going on that you feel time is quickly going by so quick that before you know it moving day is here.  I want to talk about what helped me with my relocation and hopefully help those out there who are in a similar situation not make the same mistakes I did.

Start with a list

There is so much happening when you move that your head tends to over think it.  You are constantly having thoughts about what you need to do, how you are going to do it, where do I find out more information about stuff, thinking about dates, thoughts about what the future looks like and so on. I would say that this is definitely counterproductive and I found a list or a checklist of the things you need to take action on does help.  Having a to-do list or checklist or whatever you want to call it helps put plans into action, it gives you direction and ultimately prepares you for a successful moving experience.

Why most moving companies couldn’t accommodate my vehicle?

The one thing that I found when relocating is that not all removalists can accommodate my car. I’ve called about eight different removal businesses and found that they won’t accommodate the moving of my car along with all my possessions or they can but it’ll cost big time. One of the removalists simply told me that it simply takes too much room in the truck and is simply not worth it, otherwise they can do it buck it will cost thousands.  Therefore I began to look at alternatives and came across ‘https://www.vehiclemove.com.au’ to help move my car interstate. The website basically helps you compare vehicle transport quotes provided by companies in the vehicle carrier business, so I’d recommend giving them a go if you hit the same hurdle.

Insurance for your belongings

So I found out the hard way, your contents insurance does not cover your possessions when they are moved from the home. This is absolutely crazy but it is an actual fact, speaking to my contents insurance provider, they only provide cover for contents whilst your furniture is in the home it was insured at and not when it is in transit.  In order to cover your items whilst they are being relocated, you need to buy insurance separately and it is known as transit insurance.  I had a lot of my belongings damaged by the removalist whilst it was in the truck simply because it wasn’t strapped properly; the movers are failing to reimburse me for the damage and simply said they are not liable for any damages.  I am currently going through consumer affairs to lodge a complaint and not sure how successful it would be. So keep this in mind peoples, buy transit insurance if your belongings are valuable and important to you.

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